joi, 26 februarie 2009

A Spring story

Searching the yesterday feelings,
Means happiness in thoughts, means true drift
When the morning wakes up and the sky is smiling at you,
Please, just remember you had a yesterday feeling.
I wish you were a thought, a beautiful one,
The one that comes back stronger and stronger inside.
I feel a song that goes in my mind step by step,
Through my ears, and the touch of its intensity,
Is like the Spring starting with two hands,
Searching each other.
So, both, we are leaving in a dream of thoughts,
In a whisper of recognition, exactly like “ I know you”
Behind the words,
Just a dream.
Just a thought.
For yesterday.

Searching the yesterday

Sensitive lines

marți, 17 februarie 2009

Behind my dreams

Two hands were laughing one to the other,
They had a common story called by humans: Love.
The birds were building nests into the girls' hair,
And the lights were screaming through the night;

Just men were working to build a smile,
On the face of Earth,
When watches and clocks were singing a dream,
Only flowers were still awake.

Was it a dream of a smile, of a love or of a flower?
Certainely it was a day when a hand
Was laughing to an other hand,
When love was just there, behind.

For you.